Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Know Me is to.......

Nina over at Just Enjoying Life tagged all of us who visit her site to share the following:

1.  Time with family
2.  Looking at photos 
3.  Sitting on the beach

1.  Snakes
2.  The economy(it's affecting us all)
3.  I really don't think about my fears much...I just live my life!

1.  Clean up my piles in my computer room
2.  Repaint the downstairs-scheduled for week of 9/4
3.  Simplify my life-working on it....selling our junk on ebay netted us $500 last week!!

Current Obsessions
1.  Photography
2.  Blogging
3.  My grandchildren--love spending time with them!

Surprise Facts About Me
1.  I have lived in California, Florida, England, Spain, Turkey and Arizona
2.  I was on the game show Supermarket Sweep years ago
3.  I dance around the house when no one is around!  

Hope that helps you to get to know me a little bit better!  Gotta go write a contract~ Hopefully it means $$$ in 30 days!  That would make me :)!


justabeachkat said...

Hi Connie

Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a comment. I hope you'll come again...you're always welcome.

I enjoyed my visit here too. It was fun reading your post tonight and getting to know you a little bit from it and also from reading your profile and your blog.


Nina Diane said...

Hey Connie! Wow...you've lived a lot of places. I have only lived in one....good ole Virginia! and replying to your comment on my blog....it was my grandson, Maddox, who was choking. You're a grandmother so I know that you understand how I felt! yikes!!
I need to check out ebay and see if I can sell some of our old stuff but I can't seem to find the time!
"chat" with you later.....Nina

Leigh said...

OH! I just love memes. I am going to have to remember to do this one!


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