Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Paint Party!

Saturday we are painting!!!  Dwight is taking a few vacation days and we are going to paint together. (I found out he had some vacation days to use and threw the thought out there and he bit!!) We are going to paint the living/room dining room and the kitchen/family room and up the stairs and down the upstairs hall~it all runs together.  Dwight taught me to paint and I love it!  I am in my own world and it's therapy for me.  It will be an adventure I'm sure with Dwight. It usually is!! He is a very early riser(usually 4:45am--I don't even hear him get ready in the morning!) so we will start early.  I can do that!  I am not too social first thing in the morning and he is very happy and talkative.  I can handle that!   Thank you Lowe's for having paint on sale this weekend.  We did our dinner and date nite to Lowe's and picked out some paint samples.  We have them drying on the walls to see if we like what we've chosen.  We've learned a few things over the years.  I am ready....painting starts Saturday 8am in the living/dining room which is a pretty easy room to start with.  I'm excited.  I will share pictures soon!  Have a good weekend everyone!

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