Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ok It's Time!!

Yes, I walk by it every morning and every night and yet I don't get on and go for the ride.  You guessed it....the good ol' treadmill.  I thought putting it by the bed over a year ago would get me on it more often than when it was in the bonus room in the corner where I didn't see it everyday. I am within a pound of my initial goal with Jenny Craig that I set the end of March and I need to get on that thing to get this last pound off and hit my goal.  I walked on it one time last week for 30 minutes and it felt so good.  The real problem is that I've never made exercise a part of my daily life and it just doesn't run in my family.  They are all good cooks and love to eat!!  For most of my life I have been lucky to not have to worry about what I ate or gaining weight but the last 10 years have added a pound or two each year and yikes.....I hated each picture of me.  Do I really look like that??? I'd ask??? Well I joined Jenny with my husband has always battled his weight since football ended in college.  I have lost 18 lbs. and feel great.  I still need to lose a few more or get lipo for the small roll around my middle but since I'm a chicken about surgery....I know I will need to work at it.  Fit and Fabulous at 40   is a website I found to encourage me.  Go check it out!  I'm holding a few of my friends accountable to asking me if I've been on my treadmill each day.  I'm gonna do it tomorrow, I promise!  :)  


Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, Go you! Congratulations! I think it is awesome that you and your husband are doing this together. (:

Nina Diane said...

18 lbs....that's great!!
I've never really had to worry much about my weight and then last summer I quit smoking AND menopause hit....the double whammy! I gained 22 lbs...which really sucks since I'm only 5'3"...but I'm working on losing it.


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