Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love Softball!

I LOVE SOFTBALL!!!   I  have loved softball since I was a little girl.  My dad was my coach until high school.   Dwight and I played on various co-ed teams over the years and I played on a competitive women's team until I had Dustin 19 years ago.  Dwight and I had the opportunity to play on a co-ed team from church a couple months ago and WE LOVE IT!!!  We look forward to Thursday with such anticipation.  I had not pitched in 19 years and still can so I am the pitcher for our team.  Dwight plays first base.  I told my kids many times that they would see me play again in my 60's.  It didn't take that long and I'm glad.  My son, Dallas plays with us on the team now.  What fun!  Don't let me fool you there are sacrifices....a swollen knee every now and then, a sore muscle here and there but nothing that Aleve can't take care of.  Thank God!!!  So for those of you that think that you could never do that again. I am encouraging you to give it a try!!  You never could be having the time of your life like I am!  I am attaching a picture for you to the background is my son, Dallas.  :)  Did I tell you....I love softball!!


Nina Diane said...

Awesome! Both my daughters played softball and Johnny coached!!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Thank you for saying the SWEETEST things to me!! Marriage IS hard work, but definitely worth it, and I can't imagine my life without him! Thanks again for visiting my blog, and I will be checking in with you again!!
BTW...if those are your kids in the slideshow above, they are GORGEOUS!!
Congrats on the new baby boy to be!!
Have a great week!


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