Friday, August 22, 2008

Tears of joy!

The new apartmentThe tradition continues....these are my everyday dishes when we first got married.  All of my children have moved out with them.  Dustin completes the tradition.  Aren't they so cute???

Dustin(on the right) and his childhood friend, Justin.  He was such a cutie!
Dustin and his girlfriend Kayla in the new apartment decorated by Dustin.
He was so excited to be moving into his own place.

He raced motorcycles for 2 years.  What fun we all had at the races!

As a mother, you never think that this day will come. The day that your last child moves out of your home. It comes all too soon! Yester day was that day...our youngest, Dustin flew the coop so to speak. His wings were strong enough to take the first flight in moving away from home to an apartment and starting his college classes. This was a big step! My husband has been tearing up for the last two months whenever we talked about Dustin leaving home. Our baby is all grown up. These two have a very special bond....Dwight had time to enjoy Dustin as a baby and remembers many of the early times with Dustin. They are best friends...they think alike, laugh alike, have the same fears, enjoy the dreaming big and have talked through many a hard time. He was not the easiest child but we hung in there with him. We homeschooled him in 6th grade and through high school. He did NOT like school so that was a challenge and many, many other things were always difficult. Through it all...much of it done with much prayer, Dwight's patience and giving in to a strong willed child at times... we now see a maturity that hopefully will help him grow into the adult he wants to be. Dwight and I both wrote him letters of encouragement and before he left, he gave us one back. We were all in tears! Joyful, happy, sad, loving tears! We are now empty nesters!


Becky said...

Hey Connie, thanks for stopping by my blog today. Let me just say turning "50" was wonderful. I love my fifties!!!! Looks like you have a wonderful family and I can't wait to read your blog later this evening when I have time to soak it all up. Stop by again!

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi Connie,

Congratulations on raising a smart college going kid! I know you must be so proud! The hard work is finally paying off. That is my one BIG goal is to get all my kids into college. If I never do anything but this I will be happy & content!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and the birthday wishes!

Brandee :-)


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